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Gordon's Goat Farm

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Our Farm

Family, Fresh, Local


Gordon's Goat Diary began in 2003 when there was a surplus of milk in the dairy industry. Many goats milk producers had to discard a percentage of their milk. The Edgars could not rationalize wasting good milk, so they decided to turn their goats milk into something delicious....

As a certified nutrition consultant and a certified iridologist since 1987, Bethany knew the importance of eating good, wholesome, foods. Both Bethany and Gordon were raised on farms consuming only the freshest crops and foods. When they expanded their family, they naturally raised their children with the same lifestyle. 

The Edgar family experienced wonderful health benefits by consuming farm fresh milk, cheese, eggs, and beef and felt the desire to share that with the public. 

After a little research, Gordon took the surplus goats milk and began experimenting at home with the cheesemaking process. Ever since, Gordon has been finetuning his recipes. The process was a huge success and the public loved the cheeses so much that their cheeses won multiple awards!
In light of their success, Gordon's Goat Dairy has expanded from one cheese to a whole variety and are even offering fresh goats milk, why, kefir and yogurt!

The most important factor in the production of healthy and beneficial goats milk product, begins with healthy goats!

"All the grains and hay fed to our goats are grown on our land. We use land-preserving crop rotation with minimum of tillage, and no GMO crops. We like to use preventive measures to keep our girls in good health so we feed them natural supplements - bentonite clay, apple cider and whey -  (we call them treats). They love it and it keeps them healthy, happy, and producing high quality milk for us every day!"

In turn, Gordon uses this milk to produce high quality, hormone-free and antibiotic-free cheeses, perfect for your family to enjoy.

As a part of keeping their company within the family, Gordon's Goat Dairy handles all aspects of their business themselves! From farm maintenance, goat care, cheese production, marketing and even delivery - the Edgars do it all!  

"We are proud to say that we know each of our cherished retailers personally! We even make all our deliveries in person."

Outside of maintaining a 200 acre farm and running the business, Gordon and Bethany love to spend time with their dog Butch, their children and grand children!

"We have 3 children whom have all grown up. Our son Jeremy and his wife actually help us around the farm and Jeremy is the cheese production manager. We hope to pass our farm and business to Jeremy"

Bethany is also a bird-watcher and can be found tending to her bird feeders - in particular her hummingbird feeder! She also spends her spare time learning about natural herb healing techniques! Gordon loves woodworking and watching movies in his spare time.

With close to 80 retailers that stock their products and counting, the Edgars hope you will continue to enjoy their cheeses as much as they do!

As they like to say "Happy healthy goats, make for happy, healthy, & delicious cheese!"

Meet The Team

Gordon & Bethany Edgar

Gordon & Bethany Edgar

Owners of Gordon's Goat Dairy & Master Cheese Makers

Jeremy Edgar

Jeremy Edgar

Production Manager



Resident Goat Herder and Farm Assistant

Emma Galloway

Emma Galloway

Promotions & Instagram Manager

Customer Acquisition Specialist 

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